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Two for one Emotions

I love my cherry blossom tree. Today it is in full bloom, and to look at it makes me very happy. I have sent pictures of it to all my usual. Their photo galleries now track its growth from small sapling to its current size. Currently, the first thing I do in the morning is open my bedroom curtain to look out at it. I have to check it out for as long as I can each day, because no sooner do the blossoms appear, then the weather turns windy and stormy and tries its best to de-blossom my tree! Even this knowledge gives me a smile as I await the inevitable petal storm. My cherry tree also reminds me of losing my grandmother when she died several years ago. The cherry trees were in bloom at her funeral, and each time I see them I think of her. This elicits happiness in me, as I loved her dearly and she loved me, made me laugh, and put generous effort into entertaining both me and my sister. It also leaves me with some sadness and grief around our loss of her through dementia, which was a traumatic and stressful time for her and our family. But I loved her, and these days the cherry tree brings with it each time a photographic memory of her smothering a snigger at some wicked comment she had made. It reminds me that life is about finding a balance somewhere amongst our emotions, paying attention to the difficult ones and enjoying the pleasant ones when we can.


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