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Beyond the Fog

A family member and I were looking forward to showing a relative the view from the top of a hill at a local beauty spot. We wanted to get out for a walk before Christmas while the weather was not too cold, so we overlooked the fact that there was a light fog around as we left the house. As we drew closer to our destination, we noticed that the fog was becoming thicker. We continued anyway, enjoying the walk and safe in the knowledge that there was only one accessible track and that we could not become lost. We laughed and joked as we walked, but when we reached the summit of the hill, we were disappointed that the fog was so thick that we were completely unable to see any of the view from the top of the hill. We were only able to see just far enough to discern our immediate location and distance from the track leading the way through the fog. In order to try to give our relative some idea of what lay beyond the bank of mist, my family member opened a photograph of the view that he had taken previously on his phone screen and held it up in the direction in which the distant valley and surrounding hills should have been visible. A snapshot of how things might otherwise be seen.

When we are shrouded in the fog of difficult emotions, worried about how others might see us, or finding it hard to work our way through a difficult situation, it can be helpful to find a counsellor to reflect our words back to us, acknowledge our emotions, and help us to build a clearer picture of ourselves. From here, a counsellor can support us to recognise our strengths and achievements and use these attributes to move forward into the life we want to build. To progress, it can be helpful to have a picture of how things could be; as a guide along the way, and so that we can visualise our goal.


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