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A change of Scenery

Updated: Oct 10, 2021

This summer, I found that seeking out physical space in nature was what refreshed me more than any other activity. Yoga was a close second, and I credit it with giving me peace, energy, increased physical fitness...and decreased physical mass post lockdown! I live in the city, and I can easily feel overwhelmed by busy streets, large shops, being constantly recorded on camera wherever I go, and by the pressures of daily life. I can find myself huddling at home to try to find a place of safety, but I have recognised that this can lead me to feel anxious when I need to leave home again. Finding green space in the city is possible, and lockdown helped me discover local walks that I had not known existed, or that I had neglected in my busy life. However, one thing I know about myself for certain is that being somewhere with an expansive view helps me feel relaxed, uplifted, refreshed, and even happy. Making the effort to go on such a trip is not without its considerations. Can I afford to travel? Do I feel comfortable to go alone, or will I enjoy myself more with company? Sometimes the answers to these questions can be discouraging, but there comes a time when it is important to prioritise your physical and mental wellbeing over your bank account, and to ask for company if you feel you need it. So I mustered the energy and went on some days out. It turns out that I would rather have company when out walking, so I found people who also wanted time outdoors. This view in this photograph is from the top of Brent Knoll in Somerset. It took a lot of effort to get to the top after restricted activity during lockdown, but it was truly worth it. The elevation and the strong wind were exhilarating. I witnessed a spectacular view, and I got a dose of sunshine and some exercise. I now also have this beautiful photograph to remind me of a lovely day out, and to help me remember that I can be part of a beautiful, wider world.


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