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Gardening Lesson

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

Last year, I made a mistake. I don't usually use weed killer on what passes for my lawn, preferring to remove weeds by hand. However, I quickly became overwhelmed by the sheer number of weeds growing to a healthy size amongst the grass and was unable to keep pace. I bought some weed killer and, only too late, realised that I had purchased weed killer that was not specifically for lawns. I had accidentally left large dead, brown patches all over the grass. I was devastated! I and my sons had worked hard at encouraging the lawn to recover from family boat building activities and motorbike tracks that had prevented its healthy growth until recent years. I was disappointed for myself, as I had begun to enjoy the sight of a lovely patch of green as I left and returned to the house. I was sorry that I had spoiled not only my own but also my sons' efforts to improve our garden. They reassured me that it was a mistake that could be corrected...but also regularly teased me about it, which gave us a laugh. So this spring, I bought several boxes of grass seed and tried to repair the damage. The results? The new patches of grass look noticeably more lush and green than the original grass! So I can now look out on to a complete 'lawn', but the repaired patches stand out in a bright, cheerful colour. My plan is to add new seed and fertilizer to the dull patches. This gardening experience resonated with my efforts to improve my self-care and health with yoga and meditation, and to enjoy life more by appreciating aspects of the present moment. When we strive to make improvements to how we are in the world, the newer practices bring into focus the parts of our existence that could do with a refresh. In this way, positive changes can encourage us to consciously bring more colour into other areas of our lives. My lawn is a reminder that I always have the opportunity to brighten up my world!


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